About Me :D

  • Senior  in college (23 years old)
  • English Literature Major; English Education minor
  • From a small town in Tennessee
  • If you were to meet me in person, you’d hear phrases you’ve never heard and new ways of saying words . . . It’s all part of my southern charm (unfortunately).
  • Have two older brothers
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author
  • Love doesn’t begin to describe how I feel toward reading and books
  • I feel I’m not good at anything
  • I hate when I’m mad at someone and they make me laugh
  • All too often, I feel this world is too much for me to handle
  • Love God and my momma
  • When people tell me their problems, I make them my own
  • Love English
  • I type lazily.
  • I engulf myself in books, movies, and t.v series
  • I alphabetize my books and movies
  • I have 3 favorite movies and nothing will change it: The Lion King, Steel Magnolias, and The Notebook
  • I got my name from Steel Magnolias
  • Love Country music; It’s the story of my life. But, I like other music too
  • Love taking drives to nowhere
  • Love hanging out on back roads
  • Have many amazing acquaintances but few true friends
  • If you can make me laugh, we’ll be good to go
  • When I’m: mad, angry, upset, hurt or have too many emotions running around in my head, I write; hence the idea for this blog
  • When I tell people my problems or stuff that’s on my mind, I don’t want advice or pity; I just want someone who’ll listen
  • I’m a perfectionist. . . hate it
  • Love sports
  • Play basketball, football, golf, and tennis
  • Love learning new things
  • During the summer, I sit on the tailgate of my truck everyday and watch the sunset
  • Love being outside
  • I sing and play the piano
  • I’m moody. . . hate that too
  • Music puts into words what I can’t
  • I think differently than other people
  • I want to change someone’s life
  • I want to travel the world
  • I want to impact a child in a positive way
  • Lighthouses are my favorite type of buildings
  • Dolphins and wolves are my favorite animals
  • My dream is to become a teacher and move to Colorado
  • Love meeting new people!! 😀

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