09 Feb

I’m a simple person. There are no complexities to me other than the molecules in my body. I was born and raised on a farm in Tennessee. Growing up, my parents worked hard to provide for us and make sure we had a very good upbringing. My dad not only was a pastor but also chief deputy, a cook at a local restaurant and, in the winter, ran our family business: deer processing. My mom was meat manager at a local grocery and in the winter ran the deer processing place as well. They instilled in my brothers and me, hard work, dedication, the value of a dollar, honesty, and many other values that went into making me the woman I am today. My great-uncle owned a farm and from planting to harvest, my cousins, brothers, and I helped. If there’s one overarching value I remember, it’s hard work.

I began college in the fall of 09 and have been on my educational journey ever since. I’m and English education major and love learning and reading. My college career mainly consists of English courses. And in those courses, the main focus is reading texts and interpreting them. I have been constantly criticized for the simplicity in my views. I don’t use big words to mask my indifference or my ineptness. I don’t hide behind books because I feel everything else is of no importance. If I have problems with a task, I will tell you. Just because I know big words, I’m not going to use them unless I feel they’re vital to the subject-matter. Just because I understand grammar, I’m not going to be pedant. Once you get deep into your content focus and past the gen-eds, you begin to have classes with the same people. A few new faces do pop up every now and then, however it’s mostly the same ones. You get to know them, how they answer questions, whether you like their answers or not, whether you like them as a person or not, etc. In return, they obviously get to know you. As an English major, I do not fit in with other English majors. They’re over there talking about Dr.Who and the latest developments in the Creation vs. Evolution debate and I’m sitting over here thinking, “what in the hell are they talking about?” They’re criticizing people who believe in creation and I’m one of them. They’re also criticizing people who do not watch Dr. Who and I haven’t seen the first episode. They’re talking about Harry Potter and I’ve never read the books or watched the movies. They’re talking about how they hate conservative republicans and although I don’t particularly consider myself either, most of my views do favor those of the conservative/republican party.

My thoughts on things are very simple and many of my classmates make fun of me for it. I used to let it bother me. But, as they’ve made their snide comments thinking I don’t understand, I’ve actually accepted my simplicity. I want to be a teacher so, in my opinion, my simplicity is actually a benefit. When I’m up in front of a class teaching them about the wonderful world of literature, simplicity is what is going to make them understand what in the hell is going on. I would much rather be a simple mind like myself, than be someone who’s astoundingly intelligent and can’t break down the complexities students encounter with literature to where students can actually understand them. I’ve had teachers like that and they honestly pissed me off.

So, with all this being said, whoever you are and whatever your talents may be, do them well and be thankful for them. Although you may not understand why you were made a specific way, one day you will and it will bring your mind peace and joy because everything will finally make sense. Do not disrespect yourself, the world does enough of that. Love yourself! Love who you are. Love what you do and love how you do it! Best wishes and happy reading!! 😀

Simple Kind of . . . Woman


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