Past, Present, and hopefully, Future

03 Feb

Hey, everyone! I hope this post finds you warm and comfy in your home, whether you’re sitting by a warm fire or snuggled up in your cozy bed. 😀 I honestly don’t have anything to say, I’m just trying to post more frequently so I am able to remember to do so and a year doesn’t go by before I type my next post. Tonight, I was able to actually watch the Super Bowl for once in the past few years. I was pulling for the Broncos, but of course they didn’t win. I watched with one of my roommates. It was nice to actually be off work by the time the game started. We talked about various topics, from the weather outside to feminism and everything in between. This morning when I went into work, I was able to talk to a girl with whom I used to attend high school. She and I used to be inseparable. Honestly, we were like sisters. Then things began to happen; we were at two very different places in our lives and we just . . . went different ways. Although, now we both attend the same university. She’s one of the student managers at my place of employment and we’ve always been civil to one another. I’ve honestly missed our friendship, but I didn’t know what to do or say to try and convey that. I just let bygones be bygones. Well, as a rule where we work, when you’re cashier, you have to have a student manager in the office with you when you’re counting your drawer. Today like every other Sunday, she was the manager on duty and she went into the office with me. I was sitting there counting the money when she just asked if I had talked to one of our mutual friends lately. I replied no. She said, well she had a baby here a while back, got married, and is now expecting her second child. We talked about how time has flown and how it’s weird being friends with someone for so long and them having a baby. We talked about her parents and everything they went through and how times have changed us all. Honestly, it was really nice and I’m crying just thinking back on it. But, me crying nowadays is nothing unusual (see last post). I honestly do miss her. We shared so many good times and made so many wonderful memories. I would love for us to go back to being as close as we were if not closer. But, I honestly have no idea how that is going to happen. I watched a movie growing up called Anne of Green Gables. It’s a wonderful movie and I highly recommend it. Anyhow, in it Anne and Diana Berry are good friends and Anne refers to her as her “bosom friend” and “kindred spirit.” I had no idea what either of them meant and my mom told me, “those phrases can’t be explained; they have to be felt.” I honestly believed my mother didn’t know the definition, either that or she was crazy. But now, I know exactly what those two phrases mean because I did feel them and they were some of the two most wonderfully memorable feelings I have ever felt. I hope and pray she and I can become close once again; because, I’m not gonna lie, when we stopped being friends, I felt a little piece of me die. And since, I have never been able to resuscitate that piece of me. 


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