What Has Become of Religion?

04 Aug

Ok, so I know this whole Chick-Fil-A thing is getting on everyone’s nerves. I know it’s getting on mine! I have yet to voice my full opinion about it, though. I don’t want to because I feel as though people are beating a dead horse. But, with that being said, you know I’m going to voice my opinion! I have two opinions that I have merged together to form one big opinion. First of all, I AM A CHRISTIAN. Second of all, I BELIEVE THE WHOLE BIBLE NOT BITS AND PIECES WHICH I FEEL ARE IMPORTANT

1. The guy who was interviewed was just asked a question on which he gave his opinion! He believes what the Bible says about homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with that. We live in a world today where it’s okay to voice your opinion as long as it’s not about God. People haven’t forgotten this country was founded on freedom of religion, but they have forgotten that the freedom we searched for was from Catholicism. We didn’t like how the European countries were being ran at the time so we hopped on a ship in search of a new land so we could have freedom of religion. That religion was Christianity. Everyone nowadays has forgotten about that. They think that freedom of religion means, “Oh, we can come to America and serve anyone we want because it’s founded on freedom of religion so that’s my right!” Um . . . no, freedom of religion means Christianity. Not Islam, not Wicca, not Scientology. And Catholicism is not a Christian denomination either. It’s something on it’s own. We have forgotten that this nation was founded on “IN GOD WE TRUST” but heaven forbid we say God! It causes an uproar. I’ll be surprised if that’s still on our money in the next year or so. The Bible does say homosexuality is a sin. Like I said above, we have the freedom of speech as long as it doesn’t include God, or Jesus and it goes along with what is politically correct.

2. I’m tired of the Christian religion. Yes, I just said that. Yes, I am a Christian. Let’s get some things straight: I love God, I love Jesus, and I love the Holy Ghost, but I DON’T like how man has turned God’s Holy Word into what they want it to be. I also, have a problem with what the guy from Chick-Fil-A said, “We’re married to our first wives.” Ok, first of all congratulations your marriages have worked out! I’m glad God has blessed ya’ll with that. Second of all, the Bible gives two instances in which someone can remarry. They are: 1. The spouse has passed away. 2. If the spouse cheated. Those are the only two causes that someone can remarry. People read the bible and take it for face value. They don’t bother digging a little deeper and finding out what God really has to say. They skim over it, think they understand it, slap a title on it, and name it a religion or message! It really ticks me off. Reading the Bible is like reading Edgar Allen Poe, William Blake, or one of the many other great writers out there. You can’t read one of their pieces of work one time and say, “Oh, I understand it!” That’s bull malarkey! That’s why the first read is titled the lost read. You have to read their work about 10 times over to get a good, firm handle on what it means. And even then, you may not understand it fully! This is the same way with the Bible! You can’t read one verse of scripture and understand it fully the first time! It’s not possible! You could be Einstein and you still wouldn’t understand it the first time. It’s just not possible. God, is a deeper being than man has given Him credit for! But yet, man had to come along and screw that up too! I’m not saying I do understand the fullness of the Bible, but at the same time I know enough about it to know that God is my judge. I worry about what He has to say about my relationship with Him, not what everyone else has to say! We all too often worry about what man says the Bible says, instead of taking it upon ourselves to read what God has to say. That’s why so many people today don’t know which way is up or down. They’ve listened to man and have gotten everything twisted. God says in His word, “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” That means, what’s right for Billy Bob isn’t right for you, and what’s wrong for you may not be wrong for Billy Bob (all to a certain degree of course.) I’m not saying that it’s alright for marko polo over here to go out and kill someone and you can’t. That’s wrong for everyone. I’m talking about the little stuff. Like how you dress, how you present yourself, etc. Everyone wants to point out that homosexuality is a sin, but they all too often forget that so is: lying, stealing, cheating (in every sense of the term), jealousy, envy, putting things before God like work, money, happiness, anger, hate, etc. But those are all “little” things so they don’t really matter. WRONG!! God said no one sin is greater than the other. There is only one sin that you CAN’T get forgiveness for and that’s blaspheming the Holy Ghost. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just go out here and sin because you know God is going to forgive you (Romans 6:1).

In short, read the Bible for yourself. Trust no man with the word of God! Man, will fail you, maybe not even meaning to. But, God never will! It says in Romans 6:23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God!” Line up your relationship with Him and His word and forget what other people have to say! Read the whole word not just what you want to. Read the word so you can line yourself up with it. NOT to line others up! God loves everyone and He wants His people to do the same. God is our judge not anyone else! I think I will step down off my soapbox now! God bless! 😀


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