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Why Do The Good Suffer?

Ahh, so school’s out for Summer and I don’t have a job. That’s a good and bad thing. I did save up a little while working during the semester in case I did get into a predicament such as this, but I would like to have a job. Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone and your Summer is going fantastically well! Since school is out, I do fell like some stress has lifted but once one thing leaves, lord knows other things will take its place. So two of  my best friends are getting married next Summer, so I have no friends here at home right now as they’re planning for their upcoming nuptials. So, I’m stuck sitting around the house bored out of my mind.  As they’re are planning for their big day, only one of them has become self-centered and, honestly, becoming Bridzilla way too early. But, that’s neither here nor there. We’re all self-centered sometimes. I just keep telling myself only 1year 1month and  16 days until that’s over and hopefully she gets over herself. But, I doubt that will happen. The lawsuit is almost over, thank God! I’m so tired of this. However, as this one is coming to a close, another one has opened. This one is against my mom by a company she used to work for. I can’t believe this. It’s too unreal. But, I’m trying to be strong for her. It’s hard because she’s under much unnecessary added stress which she takes out on me, therefore, causing the claws to come out and us to go days without talking to one another.

Anyhow, this question got brought up in Sunday school class the other day. “Why do the good suffer?” My response, ” I think all people suffer. Each test we face is very different from one another’s, however if I were to face your trials I might not be able to handle them and if you were to face my trials you might not be able to handle them. Every one suffers, we just have a tendency to notice it more so in “good people” because we feel as though they don’t deserve it but somehow the “bad people” do.  I mean if it wasn’t for the bad times, how would we know to appreciate the good and stay humble, and if it wasn’t for the good we probably would feel as though we have no  reason to live. I do think that sometimes, one outweighs the other.”

Keep me in mind this week, please. It’s going to be really tough on me because it’s my dad’s birthday and father’s day, so I don’t know how this is going to go. He’s been gone almost 9 months now and it seems like it just happened this morning. I can tell I’m getting real emotional which doesn’t help with the added stress going on around here. Also, my brother’s coming home for his birthday this week which also will not help since he’s a champion instigator. He and I don’t really get along, so also please pray for that. I hope all is well with ya’ll and I’ll be praying for ya’ll as I always do. Thank you for letting me rant on here.  I don’t want to seem conceited to all of my friends who too are going through some hard times. I know everyone is! As I said, I’m praying for ya’ll too!  Always remember, you may have some BIG problems but God is BIGGER!  If you ever want to talk, shoot me a message! Have a blessed day and God bless! 😀 😀   “