The Storm

11 Jan

We hear it all the time, someone says, ” there’s something so beautiful about a storm.” I agree and I’ve said it many times. There’s something so soothing, yet frightening, beautiful and calm, yet disastrous about a storm. I think a storm, of any kind is nature at it’s best and purest form. It shows you the fury it can unleash when two forces come together. I, myself, believe that a storm is one of the most amazing things I can experience. I love to sit out on hot Summer evenings and watch a storm sneak in as the sun sets. There is such a calmness as you see the dark Cumulonimbus clouds approaching.

Picture it, you’re sitting  on a hot asphalt listening to your ipod, soaking up the final few hours of sunlight.  You’re facing west overlooking a wide field and there’s nothing but pure calmness and stillness.  As you’re sitting there, you see a big, dark, grey Cumulonimbus cloud silently making its way toward you and your home. It’s been a hot, Summer day and even now, with the sun setting, it’s still 80 degrees.  That’s part of living in the South. It’s hot at night, but hotter during the day. A slight breeze begins to stir. As it stirs, you see the leaves on a few of your Maple trees turn to the underside. This is always a good indication of a storm, or rain at least. The breeze is warm, at first. As the cloud moves in you see that it’s part of a larger system of darker, bigger clouds. You take your headphones out of your ears and actually begin to watch and listen to the storm come in and feel the changes in the wind, and you can feel the temperature drop. You know it’s going to be a big one. You hear the first rumble of thunder, no lightening yet. The sun has set, the storm is almost overhead, and the temperature has dropped about twenty degrees. The thunder is more vigorous and aggressive now and added to it are loud strikes of lightening jolting across the clouds. You can see rain in the distance. You hold on to the last few moments of dryness. As you do, the rain begins to pelt you and the ground below.

As this is an actual storm, we face storms in our life on a daily basis. Some are bigger than others. Some can last for more than just a day and some may last for only a few moments. There is always something beautiful about it, though it may not feel like it while you’re in the midst of it. Some storms may only have rain, some may have hail, rain, thunder and lighting, or any sort of combination. No matter what they may consist of, they are all beautiful in their own way. No storm is the same. Once one storm hits, it’s gone forever and there will never be another like it. Each storm you go through, makes you stronger and wiser. With it, comes rain. Rain is good. It washes away the dirt that is collected from day-to-day activities, it nurtures, and without it, it would be impossible to grow. Now you maybe thinking of plants, but the same is true for us. Some storms produce hail. Meaning they are rougher than others. That’s like us. Sometimes we compare what we’re going through as being a “living hell.” A storm is refreshing if you let it. It can awaken you if you allow it.

No matter what you’re facing hold on. It will get better. You know someone once told me, and it’s even a popular phrase (maybe worded differently). ” There can’t be a rainbow without rain.” Yeah, you’re going to face some hard days. We all do. Just try and face it head on and know that it will get better and there will be a rainbow in the end. I’m praying for you! Remember, “This too shall pass.” 😀  


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